Thursday, 28 April 2011


I found an easy looking recipe for ciabatta and decided to give it a go - My first attempt at ever making any kind of bread, I've only used yeast once before and that was for hot cross buns.

It made a reeeally sloppy dough, and made me 2 large loaves.  I made it the night before and left the dough in the fridge to rise as I didn't have time on the day.  I found it difficult getting it to cook through without overcooking the crust of the bread, but then realised this was probably because I forgot to bring the dough to room temperature and baked it straight from the fridge.  

I have no idea how to get it in the normal ciabatta shape without some kind of mould because the dough just spreads itself out, but it did taste very good, and didn't last very long in my house!

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